Auditing Options:

Most classes and summer intensive education sessions are open to the general public for a reasonable fee.

Schedule:  Please click here for the Auditing Schedule Overview

Sheet Music and Translations for all VISI students can be viewed online by clicking on this link.

Follow along as Graham and Isabel discuss the music and text.



  • ½ Day Pass = $20 (available at the door)
  • Full Day Pass = $30 (available at the door)
  • One Week Pass = $150 (available at the door)

Cash or Credit Card will be accepted.

No application necessary; simply register and pay for the number of days chosen.  A pass can be used on any day between June 20 – 30.


  • The schedule is located at the top of this page.
  • Auditors are granted access to sessions as observers only.
  • Conversations within sessions will be focused on the instructor and official participants only.
  • Access to a coaching session is at the discretion of the faculty and not guaranteed.
  • Concert tickets need to be bought separately.
  • An auditors pass includes the following:
    • Diction classes (observer only)
    • Masterclasses
    • Talks
    • Coaching Sessions (as per the note above)
    • Other educational events

If you have any questions, please email