How I became a victim of the Tesla system

Update on my missing Tesla model X. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse. It does. Also special guest appearance by Momma Rebuild
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  • Why bother with this company? Actually your car is ready for you in England, just send me $5,000 dollars and pop over in a plane and you find it ready and waiting, in Syria! Elon Muck (sic) is laughing all the way to the bank

    Alan EdwardsAlan EdwardsVor 22 Stunden

    TheHotcrumbsTheHotcrumbsVor 22 Stunden

    TheHotcrumbsTheHotcrumbsVor 22 Stunden
  • It's competition that keeps every good company honest! Without it, standards fall because there is no compelling motivation to try harder or exceed customers expectations.

    michaelahall2michaelahall2Vor Tag
  • Waiting for update... What's going on now?

    peter travellerpeter travellerVor Tag
  • Tesla is garbage!

    DavidGDavidGVor Tag
  • Any more news ?

    Michael RussMichael RussVor Tag
  • Hey Rich is there an update to this coming soon? I'm checking daily!

    A KA KVor Tag
  • Your Mom is awesome!

    Ian McLeodIan McLeodVor Tag
  • They picked the wrong person to do this to. This experience turned me around completely. I will be buying a Lincoln instead :/

    Tony LeonTony LeonVor Tag
  • Rich you're like Batman - You can take it :) ! GG

    john doejohn doeVor Tag
  • While Tesla makes a reasonably nice vehicle, the ultimate concern for customer satisfaction has gone from Bad to Worse. The overall premise is that buyers will be so distracted by the gimmicks, whistles and bells that the basic vehicle elements will be will be overlooked. When the simplest deficienciey are pointed out, there is the usual head-knodding, but in the end that are multiple worthless explanations of why it is considered to be expected, thus no resolution.

    Eric SEric SVor Tag
  • Love the mom. Let her do the negotiating

    Cudaman2 FormulaCudaman2 FormulaVor Tag
  • Any update on the car?

    TrieuableTrieuableVor Tag
  • Something fishy's happening. My conjecture is they've watched all your videos critical of their services and of Elon and mostly that motherboard documentary in which you are featured titled " the rogue Tesla mechanic " and Tesla has decided to borked you from their cars. You are not a typical flamboyant fan boy from their taste that just gives praises and ignores all the grievances, you come with great liability and your association isn't of principal; wonder why motherboard called you "rogue" meaning unreliable, deceitful to the depth of scoundrel or the lost one . So Tesla sees that as bad publicity for their products. That's my conclusion uncle Rich, you are being played and Tesla with a cynical smirk is watching you recount your story for their last laugh.

    Lionnel LLionnel LVor Tag
  • WTF so great about a dumb electric car? Just get a Toyota or Honda. Less trouble.

    Mark PerkinsMark PerkinsVor Tag
  • Elon Musk once said he thought that Tesla would be a failure. Maybe he planned back then to give people a horrible customer experience.

    ProfessorOzoneProfessorOzoneVor Tag
  • "He's trying to send people into space and he can't even put them in a car!" LOL. Your mom is hilarious! So well stated.

    ProfessorOzoneProfessorOzoneVor Tag
  • A mechanic does not buy from a dealership. This is why the mechanic is who they are... MECHANIC lol

    Taylor BoultinghouseTaylor BoultinghouseVor Tag

    The18x18xThe18x18xVor Tag
  • Trini?

    PronPronVor Tag
  • did you get the car finally?

    LTGmasterLTGmasterVor Tag
  • I purchased a Model X NEW from Tesla zero issues, I guess it was just a good day for me. I love the car.

    Mr. SmithMr. SmithVor Tag
  • Gee whiz. Have you received your Model X yet?

    Arthur LightstoneArthur LightstoneVor Tag
  • Wow man. You must have REALLY wanted THAT specific Model X. May I ask why?! Why you didn’t pull out like months ago? 👀

    StephanStephanVor Tag
  • Your mom is awesome. Please let her call him and film it for us.

    Joe KentJoe KentVor Tag
  • I bet Tesla is targeting people that may be telling the truth and inadvertently shedding a bad light on them

    Maurice H.Maurice H.Vor Tag
  • This is ridiculous, I get pissed off and irritated just watching this. However your mother made my day, that was great! Good luck on getting your car. I'm going to keep up with these videos because this is interesting.

    lasamoostanglasamoostangVor Tag
  • In Germany they solve the new car insurance problem much more elegantly. I bought a new Mini Cooper S last year. It took about 2.5 months or so to build because I ordered it with everything in a special color, so they obviously didn‘t have any in stock. They told me to get insurance for it, so I did, but what that entails was actually kind of a promissory note from the insurance company with an electronic code. I gave them the certificate with that code on it and they were able to register my car for me using that code. Once the car was registered using that code, the insurance was activated and I only actually started paying insurance for the time the car was in my hands.

    SalamihawkSalamihawkVor Tag
  • „He tryna send people into space but he can‘t put you in a car? Bombaclat!“

    SalamihawkSalamihawkVor Tag
  • We bought not one but two Tesla Model S CPO cars last year & still don't have the title work from Tesla to register our cars. Nobody at Tesla can help us nor does anyone know what's going on. We bought one of them FOUR MONTHS AGO (October 2018 depending on when you're reading this) and the other one was a few weeks later. We've been through FIVE temp tags on both cars since we can't register them w/o title work & the local DMV won't give us anymore temp tag extensions. We effectively have two $50,000+ paperweights sitting in the garage that we can no longer drive legally. We've talked to dozens of people at Tesla & nobody has a clue what's going on. Nobody can help us and nobody seems to care. This is an unreal nightmare we're living. The cars are amazing but this customer service makes me wish I had never gone to EV in the first place. I can't in good conscience recommend anyone buy anything Tesla at this point because it's a nightmare and we're not alone. In addition to this (as if that wasn't bad enough) I can saw that our experience prior to delivery echos Rich Rebuilds story step by step and even worse in several instances. We're still dealing with issues in relation to the thousands of dollars worth of over charges and mischarges that Tesla charged us including shipping our cars all over the country w/o telling us and flights that we still haven't been reimbursed for as well as outright lies by sales advisers and delivery advisers. I could go on (I've got pages of documentation to back up my claims) but this isn't the best format for such conversations. My only hope is that, since your channel gets attention, someone at Tesla will see this and help us through the entire process until we're satisfied as paying customers. Not one person who can't do anything handing us to another person who can't do anything who hands us to another person who quits a week later. Someone please just take responsibility for our problems and HELP US! Thank you for bringing attention to this. It's almost as if they want to act like this isn't happening or isn't a problem and we know countless people first hand who have had similar experiences. People WE referred to Tesla who now make us look bad for doing so in addition to the bad server we ourselves are getting. As much as I hate to say this given how much I love the vision: This will be Tesla's undoing.

    worlds_okayest_crossfitterworlds_okayest_crossfitterVor Tag
    • +worlds_okayest_crossfitter don't trust their sweet lie... They treat their customer like a trash, they doesn't encourage second hand market, rebuild, or repair shop (if they want make a better world they will do everything they can to make every tesla EV up and running as long as they possibly can), even their internal turn over is high (they treat their staff like shit)... They do business like apple better sue them and done with it...

      alphaxfangalphaxfangVor 22 Stunden
    • +alphaxfang We've seriously considered this option multiple times. The only thing that has kept us from going this route is the fact that we believe in the Tesla vision & where they're leading the car industry (among other things) and what it means for society moving forward. Even something as important as that can only buy so much good will on an individual level though & we're about at the end of that proverbial rope.

      worlds_okayest_crossfitterworlds_okayest_crossfitterVor 23 Stunden
    • maybe a law suit will give you more leverage... hope you get a solution and stay away from tesla...

      alphaxfangalphaxfangVor 23 Stunden
  • How is this going? Any update? I was considering buying a used MSP100D but am second guessing myself. I dont want 100K tied up for a car that might not exist lol

    Graham HowellGraham HowellVor Tag
  • You're just too nice. I wouldn't have left the dealership without a car to drive. You gotta raise hell.

    Jeff WalterJeff WalterVor Tag
  • Do you ever not complain? Tired of this crap in my suggestions.

    Zoya SpencerZoya SpencerVor Tag
  • elon is busy with other things. elon is not even aware of the sales of cars. 3rd party jokers are the issue

    Unkle FritzUnkle FritzVor Tag
  • Hey Rich your Moms interior is the same as mine. Kia Soul.

    ExposedRootExposedRootVor Tag
  • I bought a used car, sight unseen, online from the CANADIAN GOVERNMENT and it was easier than this by many, many, many orders of magnitude.

    SeanSeanVor Tag
  • Do you know how "flooring fraud" (also called "floor-plan fraud") works with car dealerships? Tesla is its own "dealership"; it doesn't have floor-plan loans on vehicles, but could be using ABLs (Asset-based-loans) in a similar way. Flooring fraud is a type of bank fraud, where a car dealership fails to report a car as being sold to the lending institution they've presented the car as collateral to for the loan. The dealership has the continuing use of the funds so long as the lender thinks the car (his collateral) is still in the dealer's inventory. Tesla buyers without cars, or waiting for their titles or registration information, could be caught up in a flooring-type fraud Tesla could be conducting with its ABLs. Tesla has borrowed money against the cars they have manufactured, or taken in as inventory for their Certified Pre-Owned sales, have sold the cars to customers, but not notified the ABL lender of the sale, keeping both the lender's money and the customer's money. In this day of continuous computer-tracking of inventory, the excuses I'm hearing (like what you present) about not being able to deliver "sold" cars, or "lost" titles and registration information makes no sense; this sort of thing is much more likely an indication of financial misconduct. (With computer-tracked inventory, dealership flooring fraud is much less common these days; Tesla is in a unique situation with no actual dealerships, and ABL lenders who may not be knowledgeable about how flooring fraud works, so the lender may not be putting in the checks-and-balances traditional dealership floor-plan lenders use.) Since the car is collateral for the ABL lender first -- before the buyer pays Tesla for it -- the car will be the ABL lender's property if Tesla doesn't pay off the ABL lender when it sells a car. Even if you take possession of a car, don't be thinking you own your Tesla until you (or your bank) has possession of your car's title.

    alwaysmatterinmotionalwaysmatterinmotionVor Tag
  • Never heard of the person? It almost sounds like they outsource their customer service to the Philippines. I work for a company that does that. I thought the whole time I was speaking to an actual person of the company. I was wrong.

    Velo1010Velo1010Vor Tag
  • This system is only designed to put you in a brand new car. They have no incentive to make sure you're satisfied, because they are not competing with other dealerships. I sold my all Tesla shares, and I'm not investing again until they fix this issue.

    Eddie DanielsEddie DanielsVor 2 Tage
  • Truly farcical the way they are leading you on. It is perhaps an anarchistic organisation. Unfortunately I see a lot of companies not doing customer service. Your mum is great.🙂

    Richard PriceRichard PriceVor 2 Tage
  • Be aware Tesla's 70-point inspection is a joke (unless you can get them to give you a copy of the details, which you CAN'T). I became a victim of the "70-point inspection passed" promise on a discounted store-demonstration-car. After driving for half a month with a very slight vibration, I took the Model X into Tesla and the 22" rim was discovered as "dented and unbalanceble rim" after I had driven it off the lot. I was forced to keep the dented rim or pay $3000 for x2 22" rim replacement. From now on, given any CPO or demonstration car with large rims I would recommend you making Tesla take the rims off and balance them before taking delivery. Long Story: I took delivery of the demonstration car after they had to fix major rim curb rash (coincidentally on the 2 later discovered damaged rims; the guy who did the cosmetic repair did a fantastic job), but did not suspect rim damage nor took it on a high speed test-drive myself. I suspect neither high-speed driving/vibration test nor wheel balancing was performed and asked them for the report: They refused. I pushed for releasing the detailed report not just give me a "it passed" answer, and no matter what I argued, Tesla will not release the details of the inspection report and the policy is firm. Their argument is that the car was in their ownership when the inspection was performed and the report is "Tesla Property". The customer service rep said it with a straight face with a fear that he would be fired if he had shown me the report that he was holding. Be warned! do not trust their "it passed" promise, unless you magically can "steal" a copy from Tesla on information about the car you just bought.

    Analog AIAnalog AIVor 2 Tage
  • So any updates?

    Cuan HamCuan HamVor 2 Tage
  • Did you get the ride yet?

    Shaun MessickShaun MessickVor 2 Tage
  • Welllllllllllll I'm never buying a Tesla now lol.

    ultrapeteyultrapeteyVor 2 Tage
  • As I thought, there are a LOT worse things than the auto dealerships Tesla fanbois whine about. Customers can avoid dealers with bad reps. Customers can call or negotiate online ahead of time, and get the issues like price, which car, etc. worked out ahead of time -- with the internet and quality car makers with dealers -- they have precise online inventories, KNOW WHERE THE CARS ARE, etc. I look forward to having a lot of good middle class BEV's in the next few years -- just not from Tesla.

    Roger GeyerRoger GeyerVor 2 Tage
  • Yeah, car exists, there are tens of thousands driving on the road. But since it's obvious you don't like the company or the car, buy something else. Mercedes or BMW should work for you.

    NEOmniusNEOmniusVor 2 Tage
  • And OF COURSE near the end of the video, all the Tesla Fanbois can say is to cut Tesla MORE SLACK? It would be unbelievable, if it weren't so typical of Tesla fanboi reactions to ALL Tesla issues.

    Roger GeyerRoger GeyerVor 2 Tage
  • spend the time to earn the money, spend the time to spend the money.

    Jonathan WooJonathan WooVor 2 Tage
  • tsla thinks they are so unique and their products are so in demand like apple they can neglect customer svc. Just wait till NIO is avail in the US.

    Jonathan WooJonathan WooVor 2 Tage
How I became a victim of the Tesla system