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  • Easy success make people believe that they are invincible. Meanwhile Greed makes them stupid. When combined this leads to destruction. You do have my admiration Mr. Felix (in business integrity). You had success yet do not show greed not have let hubris get the best of you.

    Ricardo SantosRicardo SantosVor 23 Stunden
  • The guy did prove that you get preferential treatment if the ones running the competition think you are a woman. So I would say that the social experiment was indeed a success.

    Ricardo SantosRicardo SantosVor 23 Stunden
  • did I just get a pewdiepie ad on a pewdiepie video

    Youtube PizzerYoutube PizzerVor Tag
  • “Gamer girls don’t exist” me-“wait I...I DONT EXIST?!?”

    MeTheBoss BeechMeTheBoss BeechVor Tag
  • To make this right, Punisher needs to perform in the OWL as a trap.

    Captain WeekendCaptain WeekendVor Tag
  • God damn it KAREN

    Nicolas MNicolas MVor Tag
  • What's a game?

    Sierra KaySierra KayVor Tag
  • Don’t press read more Jk I’m not one of those pricks

    PuRe SkillPuRe SkillVor Tag
  • ზდ ალლ.

    Mar ioMar ioVor Tag
  • Trust me when I say all the gamer girls are at splatoon 2

    Evan BracamontesEvan BracamontesVor Tag
  • ursäkta mig mister, min kompis meme 05:07 mjau

    louise bergdahllouise bergdahlVor Tag
  • 7,508,670th Yayyyyy!?!? I think?!?!

    Czarina ValmoresCzarina ValmoresVor Tag
  • damn that iron cross on that jacket can be portrayed as a racist symbol u gotta be careful my dude

    Jody DJody DVor Tag

    Insanity GhostInsanity GhostVor Tag
  • I just realised pewdiepie would probably be one of the most influential philosophers of our time hahaha

    Oliver MasseyOliver MasseyVor Tag
  • We 're georgians !!

    CollboyCollboyVor Tag
  • I just got your own 80m sub ad on this video...

    Jordan LittlejohnJordan LittlejohnVor Tag
  • Why is the camera quality so bad?

    Andres Does StuffAndres Does StuffVor Tag
  • my cousin is named ellie so she is real to me well not in this way.

    MrGreywishMrGreywishVor Tag
  • Pewdie all about exposing them

    koopaevan55koopaevan55Vor Tag
  • Nr. 2 on Danish trending gaming

    Maria Goncalves MøllerMaria Goncalves MøllerVor Tag
  • I'm new here, and a lot of Pewds' videos are obviously meant to be silly, but this is almost serious 🙀 Except I do exist ;p I'm just not that good =-p

    JPrivacyJPrivacyVor Tag
  • So harrassing a fake woman is bad but fake woman getting on a team when having the same skill as punisher NOT sexist? Because punisher couldnt get on the team?

    ziomale23ziomale23Vor Tag
    • Its clear that secondwind (the team) was the one in the wrong not punisher

      ziomale23ziomale23Vor Tag
  • Imagine DE-visions as a game of with pewdiepie being the “jumbo” of the server

    Elijah Peers-webbElijah Peers-webbVor Tag
  • #saveGeebus

    Elijah Peers-webbElijah Peers-webbVor Tag
  • ko ho yo sala pew die pie ....?

    Degendra ThapaDegendra ThapaVor Tag
  • unsubs incoming

    Elay SieukfpElay SieukfpVor Tag
  • Det var väl jävligt onödigt? unsub eller vad händer nu

    Elay SieukfpElay SieukfpVor Tag
  • No entiendo ni vergas del canal pero me suscribo por que si

    la abuelala abuelaVor Tag

    KK _BTSchimchimKK _BTSchimchimVor Tag
  • probably because Ricegum is involved with more drama than usual DE-visionsr or because he's very known.

    spider guardspider guardVor Tag
  • Thank you glorious burger

    Melkor1991Melkor1991Vor Tag
  • Fake jesus needs real jesus....sad.

    Frankie CalFrankie CalVor Tag
  • I always question. why do guys always want to play as girls.. if you do your a F*****

    Rick BaileyRick BaileyVor Tag
    • what?

      Dark On MeDark On MeVor Tag
  • Speaking of betterhelp, they're actually starting to put their ads on tv now.

    I mildly enjoy eating pancakesI mildly enjoy eating pancakesVor Tag
  • Christians support jesus

    Miriam AlbrootMiriam AlbrootVor Tag
  • ricegum and the paul family are the canker sores of YT.

    senor frogsenor frogVor Tag
  • PewDiePie walks like a virgin

    Nicolas quinteroNicolas quinteroVor Tag
  • We Stan jesus

    L E M O N A D E A N G I EL E M O N A D E A N G I EVor Tag
  • I’m a girl I love video games but I can’t play anything cause I’m a girl 😂😂 How its play Minecraft 😂😂😂 I know a Spanish woman gamer its name is Lena 😂😂 just kidding 😂😂 Okey the thing that I learn it was girls can do anything

    rechel colonrechel colonVor Tag
  • Basshunter made a song about Ellie mane years ago, It's called boten ana or sth like that Xd

    VitalyClarXVitalyClarXVor Tag

    Pusheen DreamerPusheen DreamerVor Tag
  • I like how he talked about saving Jesus Christ and is wearing a hoodie with "უფალო შეგვიწყალენ" (translates to "God, forgive us"). That's pretty cool. Proud Georgian

    Anna PhanjakidzeAnna PhanjakidzeVor Tag
  • We will help Jesus once again.....Yes we will help him

    Wandrey KaipperWandrey KaipperVor Tag
  • Wait if there are no gamer girls what about pokimane she’s a gamer girl

    Mythical BlazeMythical BlazeVor Tag
  • Yo why you steal h3h3's vid?

    Finn SullivanFinn SullivanVor Tag
  • "Girls arent good at video games"

    lizzy Myerslizzy MyersVor Tag
  • Ahh ha haaa It's Pew News Time!

  • HEY!!! You like that guy that said “girls can’t play ball”that just mean bully You better be jokin or I’ll unsub and u will be added to the list

    Hannah BuckmanHannah BuckmanVor Tag
  • 16:06 - 16:28 Just want to point out that while Ricegum had a weak argument, passive-aggressive insults are weak as well, even if it is a "known fact".

    Stefan M.Stefan M.Vor Tag
Jesus needs your HELP! , Ricegum EXPOSED, FAKE gamer girl 📰 PEW NEWS📰