Photos Of Dads Being Dads..

It's very likely that you've already witnessed a few dad jokes in your life. Dads love to torment their children with such jokes and they are so embarrassingly bad that they end up being funny.
Bored Panda collected some of the best dad jokes captured on camera, proving that while the jokes themselves may be cringe-worthy, they're also quite hilarious to look at. A big shout out to all of the awesome dads who come up with so many ways to annoy their kids in most ridiculous ways!
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  • 4:25 just realized his sons a fruitcake

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  • My cousin did the same pose infront of his dad when taking a family pic during Christmas. My uncle slapped the fuck out of my cousin lmfalo. "Do that gay shit on your time not mines niggah" 😂😂😂. His son ain't gay though

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    • ooooooy shit house shut that potty gob you need a few lessons and reality check remember that person you bumped at a dance few yrs ago tell them about it stop attacking what you are gay

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  • My father died on Dec 29th 2019. He was far from perfect... but as we sorted through his thing we found just how much he loved us. I focused on my resentment... and now that it is too late I realize that I should have focused on forgiveness and to have spent just a little bit more time with him. However... I can't... now. Please... put aside his blunders and just sit with him for awhile.

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    • Dunecigar what Dec of 2019? Are you predicting the Future? It's still January

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  • I'm leaving this comment in memory of all the "dads" that were spelled as "dad's" in this video.

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Photos Of Dads Being Dads..