The Big Bang Theory - Not My Decision (S12E12)

Season 12, Episode 12 'The Propagation Proposition'



  • this used to be a funny show about nerd stuff.

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  • I don't want kids so I dont think I would marry anyone who does because I could never do that to someone it's something I can not give to them and that sucks it's not fair no matter how much I love them it's something to talk about before you make that big step and you have to make sure what your saying is what you really really want I don't want kids so if I got married I would need to find a guy who is ok with that

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  • Honestly, I seriously Thought when she went in the back room that she was getting a pregnancy test to show him

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  • Get a grip people. It's a tv show.

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  • They should have talked about having children before they got married. One of them could end up being miserable for the rest of their life or cheating because the other got their way.

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  • To be fair, I couldn’t trust Zack and his wife to have a surrogate child. The poor thing’d be dead within 2 weeks.

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  • I hope one day I have a relationship like Lenny

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  • It makes perfectly sense, considering what they've done in the S01 E01

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  • What's so sad is that Penny can't see how selfish she's being.

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  • This one of the worst sitcom ever I am si relieved that this is coming to end

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  • Despite the fact i am not in favot of the donation thing

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  • This made me wonder what about Penny that Leonard likes other than her looks cause other than that she has nothing going for her as a wife

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  • The writers of this show are incredible.

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  • Drink every time you hear the a laugh track Edit: take mg ou hr hopital

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  • This show seems SOOOO unrealistic. How can Leonard be a "genius" but it not occur to him to discuss having children BEFORE GETTING MARRIED!?

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  • Leonard skipped over this important issue because he was so insecure about Penny leaving him and he NEVER has the courage to state his wishes. Totally frustrating. Also Leonard has serious asthma that he would pass on to children as well as lactose intolerance. When I was dating my ex my mother asked me if I realized that all the allergies and asthma and lactose intolerance that he had would pass through to my children, even though my family did not have those difficulties. I was "in love" so I dismissed her concerns. Long story short two of my three children suffer from asthma and allergies and my son is lactose intolerant. You may think what I am saying is cold, but you might feel differently if you watched your children suffer with inhalers and medications for milk allergies, as well as an ulcer from milk intolerance And medication. Plus drinking coke which rots the lining of your stomach. And yes there are better milks to drink like rice and almond milk but try to convince your adult child to switch. Even if I do set the example and drink them myself. So having children becomes a responsibility with consequences which you don't realize when you are in the throes of teenage "love".

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  • this show sux donkey

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  • As a Brit, I loved this show back in 2007 when I was 7 but American humour sure does kill good sitcoms. In the UK we don't have sitcoms but we have incredible dramas like Bodyguard, Line of Duty, Luther. Can't say the same for the US though.

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    • +Jonathan S Totally Agreed. What I wouldn’t give for our tv to be as good as yours :(

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    • +Norm Rayos I don't mean to bash the US. There have been great shows such as Shooter, Person of Interest (my favourite of all time), Van Helsing but there's a pattern with the sitcoms at least.

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    • Sadly I absolutely can’t disagree...

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  • What happened to the Science in this show?

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    • What happened to the humour of the show? Oh wait I forgot it's written by Americans 😂

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  • The part that is out of character is that Sheldon should not have recognized the emotional aspect of such a decision with so much logical reasoning.

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  • What I find funny about the show is how the 3 ladies, Penny, Bernadette & Amy, think their husbands are a superior choice to the other ladies husbands. Penny still views Howard's wardrobe as a tragedy. Amy views Sheldon's attempts to improve on 'perfection' and the constant view that Leonard is punching above his weight class.

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  • 12 seasons have scientifically proven 1 fact: Penny does not deserve Leonard. He’s too good for her. He is constantly stepping up, and she is constantly throwing curveballs and wrenches in the relationship

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  • That was the first time Penny was selfless. After being selfish again.

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  • I love how many people are hating on Penny for her hypocrisy about children even when she admitted it herself and went out of her way to show her husband that she respects his decision. Jfc people. Wtf do you want from her?

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  • This storyline just seems like a lazy ploy to get viewers in on a show that is ending, I keep trying to get into this storyline but ever since they got married it seems the writers forgot to build their characters more.

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  • These writers have a really backwards view of marriage.

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  • Not going into the history about how Leonard and Penny r as a couple, let's just say... yes for sure Penny has the right to decide if she wants children or not but Leonard is also someone who wants kids but has chosen to go along with Penny's decision trying to be supportive and not to lose her and what they have. BUT but but....I believe this compromise is not a small one like other times....this particular situation proves to be the deciding factor in a lot of relationships. For now he seems to be ok with this. But something like this will fester inside and eventually spill out in a very toxic way. A need to want to be a parent is not something that u can set aside I believe how they have handled this is not a permanent resolution. Neither of them are wrong, they have a right to want what they want. But this compromise won't last.

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  • Sheldon is jealous and offended... Heh-heh-heh-heh....

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  • Does this mean Penny is starting to doubt or think about the topic of kids again? "We would have made a better person". Plus, it could just be her acting, but she seems more mad out of jealously than selfishness

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  • This couple was a disaster from the beginning.I felt sorry for Leonard but not anymore. I mean geez! Why can't he "man up" and do what he wants. Penny isn't going to have his kids and he's still stupid enough to say he doesn't have to say yes to them if she doesn't want it. No one is blaming Penny for not wanting to have kids but it's too selfish for her not to want him to have a kid without her. I still think they are the worst couple in the big bang theory

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  • The writers just could make Leonard replace her birth control with tic tacs

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  • I want Sheldon to dump Amy in the last episode.That would make me sooooooo happy!

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  • I miss how all of them were in season 1-3 :( (except Howard he improved) That's the reason I stopped watching the show, they changed their personalities so God damn much it became hard to watch

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  • Wtf did this show do to this couple?!! They had a Vegas wedding w/ a patched up lame ceremony for Leonard's mom with Bernie officiating. At least Amy & Sheldon had Luke and Bernie & Howard had Google earth. It's as if the bar is *so* low to accommodate the other couples, that there's nothing epic about Penny and Leonard's relationship anymore.. what a waste of 12 years!

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  • I can completely understand where penny is coming from. Even if it’s not through sex, he’s be fathering a child with another person, & that’s a bond you can’t break even if he wasn’t involved. She’d have to live with the idea that her husband could abandon her at any point for Someone who’ll fulfill an incredibly deep and bonding event. She can’t change the fact that she doesn’t want kids anymore than he can that he does

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  • Just listen to It 1:40

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  • Not everyone wants to be a parent. She didnt at the time they were dating say no.. just not now. Also there is always adoption in the scenerio. Shes also not selfish...just territorial... Coming to the decision for her to support him was hard...for her but she realized she couldnt not allow him to be the sperm donor You can love someone and NOT have kids and be happy. I get both sides here...

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  • OK, in the minority here. I like Penny and I see why this is hard for her. Especially knowing he ex would have her husband's child. Would anyone really be fine with that?

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  • We know at some point (if not on this show) that Amy and Sheldon will have children.

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  • What a lame way to force Penny into giving Leonard babies. Bad writing at its finest.

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  • I don't like this story line at all. Thought she might change her mind. And for Zack? Maybe if it was given anonymously would be different but this is just so weird. Really expected Penny to get pregnant.

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  • It’s only natural to freak out and be against it at first. She isn’t a horrible or selfish she is just human.

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  • Here is the problem, a marriage is supposed to be a union of two peoples coming together and sharing their life. We don't know if Penny/Leonard talking about having kids before getting married but it seems that Penny had changed her mind. That is not the problem. The problem is that it isn't here decision alone, regardless of what anyone else said, it should be their (Penny and Leonard together) decision, while this also should be their decision together. But, why I'm not surprised this reflects the running theme in Hollywood that kids are 'bad.' Look at how they showed Howard and Bernadette's life after children. There is one episode, where Bernadette is hiding from her husband and children.

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    • Well in the end if Leonard didn't want to compromise with having children, then he would need to reaccess the marriage. Leonard would rather have Penny without children than no Penny at all. My cousin was married for 3 years before her and her husband split as she didn't want children and he did. A couple of years later she remarried and ended up having children. Sometimes people are just with the wrong person. Sometimes they change their mind. I feel bad for Leonard in this scenario. He wanted to have a family with Penny and while it might be okay now just being the 2 of them, 10 - 15 years down the road, all their friends will be busy with their families. They won't be hanging out with them on a daily basis anymore. Will the 2 of them be enough for eachother? I could see Leonard resenting Penny for never getting to raise a family.

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    • +Katara for several reasons: First, Hollywood culture reflect the idea of Hyper-individualism, which leave no room for kids. For example, Bernadette is show to be "negatively" affect at her job by having kids. She mentioned the woman using her pregnancy leave to take over some of her project and instead of blaming the woman for her behavior, she blamed being pregnancy. I'm sure this is on Penny's mind, since Bernadette is the one she talk to about i. Also, kids required parents to given up some of their freedom, especially time, because you had to take care of them. This conflict with the hyper-individualism/you being the center of your own universe we see throughout Hollywood/popular culture.

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    • Yes exactly! They portray it in such a bad way, I will never understand why

      KataraKataraVor 5 Tage
  • Penny sucks. Ruined Leonard's life. At first I used to love this couple, felt like this is what true love is, above money and looks, but now it seems Penny is awfully selfish. True Love requires sacrifice and adjustment. Penny dominates and doesn't adjust a bit. True that she allowed Leonard this time but that is because her friends influenced her. They should separate. Leonard deserves better.

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  • Hahahahaha

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  • This is only a TV show, but these comments make me sad. It's like we're living in the 1700s. Woman is evil because she didn't disclose she wanted kids before marriage but the man just assumed there would be kids without bringing it up before marriage and poor him. I don't want kids. My fiance does. We've talked and have never been able to come up with an agreement. What's stupid is how harshly a married woman is being judged for not wanting kids. Even though she is being perfectly fair in this clip. She kept the "my body, my choice" aspect equal between the both of them. Pull yourself from the past. It shows how society still views this kind of issue. Poor writing or not, this is a conversation that needs to be had and this show is doing a good job bringing this subject to light.

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    • The first part of your argument was complete bullshit. The man didn’t disclose he wanted kids before marriage so he’s automatically wrong. That’s such a women’s elitist type argument, not feminist, elitist. Children should always be discussed, by both parties. They are BOTH at fault for not communicating their thoughts on children to the other, children should always be discussed, doesn’t matter which option they choose.

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    • +Esinam Adzo I dont think any woman should be judged because she changed her mind about kids after marriage. You should be allowed to change your mind whenever. People change, life experiences changes your perspective on things and that can happen before and after you are married. Growing up.. It was always assumed once you get married, kids will follow not too long after. My sister did exactly that, she has 2 lovely kids and I adore them but personally after seeing what she went through to have them and what her life is now being a mom.. I don't want children of my own. It's not for me so if I end up with a man that doesnt want kids, great! However, if he does then I should be allowed to change my mind if I choose to. Without any judgement. Getting pregnant, giving birth and then being a parent is not for everyone, it will be nice to crack on with life without feeling bad about your choice to not join that club.. before or after you are married.

      Abi AAbi AVor 2 Tage
    • All you said would be valid normally but in this case they did discuss it before they got married but she changed her mind after marriage which is kinda crappy since it's such a big thing. She has every right to do what she wants with her body but it's only logical that people will find a problem with her changing her mind about this after marriage.

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    • Actually, leonard had mentioned it in the past and Penny never open disagreed until that episode where she dropped the bombshell. However, leonard took it in stride and rolled with the changes. The rest of episode goes on to show WHY she doesnt want kids and its because she doesnt want them to be 'dumb' like her instead of like the rest of the group who are crazy smart

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    • Hi, I agree with you and your response to this open discussion. People think they know best by sharing their own perspective when they are not in your shoes, so they don’t have a say in whether your relationship will work out or not. It’s all up to you two, never mind the rest of the world who think they know better. I also want to add to your comment that there are some couples out there who want children but they couldn’t have children so does not mean their relationship won’t work out. Some people put too much emphasis on this matter, that they lose sight of other (as or) more important values and if it is an issue to break up, then that can be their choice, not you and your partner’s.

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  • I’m with Penny on this one. Women shouldn’t be assumed to be potential Mothers above being viewed as an individual. I also do not want children and I’m sick of people telling me I’ll change my mind.

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