World Record Exercise Ball Surfing | Overtime 6 | Dude Perfect

From rolling on exercise balls to a freezing cold mile-long swim, this episode of Overtime has it all!
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  • Wheel Unfortunate will be back in full force next episode. Ned went on a labor strike and demanded higher pay and that we recognize Arbor Day as a national holiday but he got it and everything is all good now

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    • Put the fidget back out

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    • Dude Perfect are you. I n Canada 🇨🇦

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    • Dude Perfect hello love ya vids

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  • NNNOOO🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

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  • I'm 24 now and been watching these guys since I was about 15. STILL THE BEST CHANNEL!

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  • dude perfect pls told all your fan to sub pewdiepie

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  • You guys should try trick shots with beyblades

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  • You should do an eraser trickshots video.

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  • It better

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  • Real?

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  • It is hot in December for me because I live in Australia

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  • Just let Coby win the next battle no teams. And have a big trophy to his win

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  • Is anybody else wondering where Panda has been

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  • Axe Throwing trick shots like if you agree.

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  • Were is wheel unfortunate that is my favorite segment

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  • Ps. I told you about my daughter and young son but forgot to tell you about my older son who also ran all marathons except Boston. Pleade contact them. ALL IN COLLIN COUNTY TX. 2 OF 3 ON SPORTS SCHOLARSHIPS AND THE 3RD ON SMART SCOLARSHIPS. ALL 3 ON THEIR ABITIES EDUCATIONAL RECOGITION AND OR ATHELItic scolarships. My son in law and daughter daughter also sponsor an apartment building in Dallas to support family with holiday meals and gifts for the apartment kids needs and wants thru my son in laws medical practice patients. PLEADE REACH OUT TO MEESH AND BRIAN HOOTEN. DR HOOTEN IN DALLAS. VERY NEAR FRISCO AND SUPPORT. THANKS AND GOD BLESS.

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  • “One ball at a time” that’s what she said.

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  • Keep it up I love overtime

  • I subscribe and share

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  • Do sleeping stereotypes 🤣

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  • I'm your biggest fan please send me merch I am watching your video right now

  • I can just remember how they started their channel. You guys care so far. Love your videos!!!! Keep being perfect!

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  • hey how about next video? it just been monday dec 10

  • Yo

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  • Playing Skateboard trick

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  • Dudes act like there professionals when all it takes is some practice.. not everyone can afford that many balls either..

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  • This is awesome!!! I love overtime so much

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  • I miss over time

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  • What’s the thermal attachment called

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  • Yo, stereotypes skatepark edition

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  • That looks likes it hurts to roll on the balls

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  • Always funny. Be an amazing thing to have a WR hanging in my home. Lucky and enjoying life everyday. Keep em up.

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  • I will sub everyone if u sub me

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  • American ninja warrior battle

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  • trick shot stereotypes???????????? like if you agree

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  • My wish is to reach 5 subscribers by the end of the year! Please help and support me! Thank you

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  • You should do family edition

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  • Who has been around since 2009 (when they started

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    • me

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  • You need to do bottle buster again

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  • School stereotypes

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  • We need Wheel Unfortunate

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  • You know why you beat these records? Because nobody tries

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  • save pewdz

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  • POST 😲😲😲😲

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  • thats what i was gonna say exactly

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  • In a 25-yard pool, by best time for the 1650 freestyle(we call it the mile) is 19:45.

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World Record Exercise Ball Surfing | Overtime 6 | Dude Perfect