The Vancouver International Song Institute is dedicated to the preservation, enrichment, and advancement of song while exploring its contemporary context, meaning, and relevance through world class performance, education, collaboration and innovation.

How You Can Help

Join the VISI Society as a member and receive invitations to special our special Song Salon events and the VISI Society Newsletters throughout the the year. Become a VISIonary – a member of the VISI Society – through a donation of $35 or more.

How can I become a VISIonary?

Simply click the button below to become a member of VISI.


Click here to download the Donor Card  then print and complete the donor card and send it with your cheque payable to VISI. Please send to the address below.

Vancouver International Song Institute (VISI)
P.O. Box 71015
Vancouver, BC V6N 4J9

Why should I support VISI?

VISI is a non-profit organization run primarily by artists, supported largely through the generosity of government, corporate, and private donors as well as the dedicated commitment of its visiting faculty and many volunteers.

To maintain its acclaimed programs, to create career-changing opportunities for young performers, composers, and writers, and to expand our network of community-based programs, we are dependent on the continuing support of donors, for which we are deeply grateful.

We hope you will consider becoming a Society member to help build VISI’s vibrant contribution to Vancouver’s creative life, and its international advocacy of Song.


  • Promotes our fundamental well-being\
  • Animates the lives of our children, our elders and everyone in between
  • Assists in therapeutic environments
  • Strengthens community bonds and cross-cultural bridges
  • Preserves the stories of our planet, in a form that travels across time and space

Would you like to target your donation?

  1. Send a gifted student to VISI: Your tuition Scholarships and/or travel funding will help promising singers, pianists, and scholars from Vancouver and beyond attend the program ($500-$3000)
  2. Sponsor a concert at VISI ($500-$1000)
  3. Sponsor an Arts of Conscience workshop ($200-$500)
  4. Sponsor a VISI public lecture ($200)
  5. Finance a VISI Song Salon for Society Members and Guests ($500-$1000)
  6. Sponsor an international faculty member at VISI
  7. Support SONGFIRE Theatre creative or production costs

In-Kind ideas:

  1. Donate air miles for visiting artists
  2. Become a billet host for our faculty

We thank you for joining our community of artists/scholars/listeners, and look forward to sharing the joy of Song with you at upcoming VISI events.

Please contact us for additional information or comments.

VISI is formally registered as:
The Vancouver International Song Institute Society for Innovation in Song Studies BN: 829982529RR0001