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A computer video series focusing mainly on retro technology from the 80's, 90's and 2000's. However, once or twice a year I'll create something totally "out there." My main goal at this point is to make educational content about retro technology that is interesting and engaging. Some people will be re-living their childhood, while others will be experiencing the technology for the first time.
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  • Radio Shack Tandivision One Game Console

    HarvestStoreHarvestStoreVor year
  • Some very interesting videos here. However, I have never seen you do anything about GEOS on the C64. There is a lot of potential there, no? I used GEOS until ~ '91 and would love to see your take on it.

    Nick SmithNick SmithVor year
  • how do you contact him? I want to see about sending something/asking a question and I have no idea were to look (ive tried his website, his channel and I have nothing)

    Emma StoecklEmma StoecklVor year
  • Hello, could you please make a video on how to turn an apple wireless keyboard (a1016) to a USB wired, I know it will only replace the batteries, but I would like to know how please, thank you.

    Nart KalibatovNart KalibatovVor year
  • It seem the Planet X2 physical copies sold out pretty quickly following the new video, any estimated on when new copies (especially autographed) will be released?

    JacobsenaccJacobsenaccVor year
    • they are already out

      Emma StoecklEmma StoecklVor year
  • why no videos lately?

    s3vs3vVor year
  • Wonder if he voted for donald trump #MAGA

    Mike PoppMike PoppVor year
  • Can you please upload a video on how to make rom cartridges from scratch?

    Andriy KuzmenkoAndriy KuzmenkoVor year
    • I can tell you how myself if your interested.

      Emma StoecklEmma StoecklVor year
  • thanksgiving special?

    Alden MoellerAlden MoellerVor year
  • hey we live in the Dallas texas area and would love to do a cross over video if you would like

    Wrestling TracksWrestling TracksVor year
  • I just published a fictional system with a Basic Interpreter in it for making text type game you can find it here under Super Game System Basic, I'll send you a promo code(s) if your interested

    PixelWhippedPixelWhippedVor year
  • What happened to part 3 of "How a Character LCD works"?

    Src DgygSrc DgygVor year
  • Hey, I'd really appreciate it if you could hurry up with that Commodore miniseries, ok?

    Norman R. DolanNorman R. DolanVor year
  • Why not distribute MS-DOS port of Planet X2 into CD-ROM

    Abdulaziz AlserhaniAbdulaziz AlserhaniVor year
  • what would be the best program to ERASE a hard drive on a laptop? and COULD you do a video on how. THANKS!!

    Fatcat TowingFatcat TowingVor year
  • I'd like to ask if it's possible where to find a British Bread Box c64 power cable? I have inherited a C64 with a bunch of games on cassette from my 50 year old mother. I'd like to also know if I should donate the games or not. Please contact me at if you're intrested. -Ktoby

    CrazyGamesCrazyGamesVor year
  • Man, I have been sick all this weekend, and I have spend most of the time this weekend watching your videos. Totally love your work. I have learned soooo much. I am a commodore enthusiast. Have my own retro club on FB called MIAMI RETRO COMPUTING CLUB, and an active member of Florida Retro Computer Club.

    Diego DeleonDiego DeleonVor year
  • do you have a ZX Spectrum?

    Storm86021Storm86021Vor year
  • There's a mistake with your intro: You loaded $ instead of *

    WarbledorWarbledorVor year
  • I just watched your last video about soldering this 6502 computer. I just want to show you this site: ataribits dot weebly dot com slash 1088xel.html which shows a custom created board to place all the original Atari 8 Bit chips, and so create a new Atari 8 Bit computer. It has a ITX standard size, which is 17cm x 17cm, and it holds place for many common fan mad enhancements, like RAM expansion, floppy emulators I guess, VBXE Video Chips, 65816 CPU ... and so on. May be you just want to take a look at this, may be you mention this on another Video which is familiar to "new games/board/cards for old hardware". Have a good time, and gtx from germany!

    atarixleatarixleVor year
  • A VIC-20 with original box on my local Craigslist. Thought I'd let ya know:

    SlyboSlyboVor year
  • just discovered this channel recently. Interesting content and a relaxed presentation makes this really enjoyable

    justpunkijustpunkiVor year
  • If you develop a game for the MS-DOS that requires more than 640K RAM, you should consider a DOS extender

    Abdulaziz AlserhaniAbdulaziz AlserhaniVor year
  • I purchased an Alphasmart Neo 2 from Amazon and i think it's the best portable word processor ever. Would love to see you review that. I would Buy you one, but have I financial issues at the moment. It runs about $45 shipped. No software needed, it acts as a USB keyboard and types the document into your computer. so it works on all platforms and is pretty much future proof as USB keyboards should be the standard for many years to come. I'm a fan of your channel. Keep up the good work! :)

    Steven YenorSteven YenorVor year

    jackleg2007jackleg2007Vor year
  • I, do you have a guide to repair polystyrene boxes?

    Joe BlackJoe BlackVor year
  • Had a dream about you last night. It was about you working at a local Barnes and Noble near where I live.

    Y0Y0EvanY0Y0EvanVor year
  • Hi, I'm watching your channel for Belgrade, Serbia. You are "so ready" to open a 8-bit museum or "experience center". Exposing items with description boards, key facts, history etc. Some items can be set to try (let's say some of your duplicates). Even an entry ticket is feasible. Or monthly donations can be opened and recorded live with audience! Regards. Banelinde p.s. is there any email address that I can write directly to !??! Mine is

    banelindebanelindeVor year
  • Suggestion: When you're pretty sure you'll do a follow-up video in an unboxing video, have some way for people to get notification ahead of time. I'm an email and forum kind of person so either receive notification by email or subscribe to a forum thread (preferably locked so I only get notified for important messages about it). I was watching 8-Bit Unboxing October 2017 and the Socrates came up and you mentioned you were going to do a follow-up video about it, I wanted to make sure I don't miss it (ie: if I don't hang on youtube for some days and when I come back its popularity has passed and something more popular of yours is now there and I won't get to see it).

    DynVecDynVecVor year
  • hello from Mexico. Thanks for the videos.

    omegadiekomegadiekVor year
  • Have you ever checked out the DE-visions Poops of your channel?

    Dank MemesDank MemesVor year
  • Hey, greetz from Australia! Love the Channel! You need an assistant to get more videos out quicker though.....

    PRiSM Visual ProductionPRiSM Visual ProductionVor year
  • The 8-Bit guy doing some 8-bit stuff... Do more Macintosh SE stuff.

    MaxSolar0713MaxSolar0713Vor year
  • here it is it's a Mac OS X Version 10.6.8

    James CurtrightJames CurtrightVor year
  • David guess what I have

    James CurtrightJames CurtrightVor year
  • Have you ever been able to fix your Tandy laptop?

    caiocc12caiocc12Vor year
  • Hey, David. This may seem strange, but could you post a tour of all the things you have in storage? The stuff you've got lying around for parts and whatnot? Thanks.

    SkyTheLeafeonSkyTheLeafeonVor year
  • Are you a jew?

    future1983future1983Vor year
  • Of all of the computers that you tend to talk about in your videos, I rarely see anything about the TI 99/4A. It was my first computer and I wish I still had it today. I sold it about 12 years ago, original box and manuals. Granted, I wouldn't be doing anything but playing games on it, but the cassette-based games, the cartridges, and the speech synthesizer made such a cluster of technology, it was a lot of fun. I had a Commodore 128 and later an Amiga 2000, but with a small house, I had to get rid of those too. Bummer. Keep up the great videos.

    Chris SebesChris SebesVor year
  • do you ever play around with radios? either analog or these new SDRs the kids are playing with?

    Taylor FrankenbergTaylor FrankenbergVor year
  • i have 7 subscriber r u happy 4 me?

    Rodri ThunderRodri ThunderVor year
  • I just finished watching your videos about your business, where do you get the stock of computers and electronics that you sell?

    FedEx1kFedEx1kVor year
  • where do you get all this stuff

    LongshotLongshotVor year
  • DAVE! Commodore 64 Mini console... coming soon! Thoughts?

    Andrew ErwinAndrew ErwinVor year
  • New product for you to review: (an extra of your commodore lineup movies?)

    N1tr0glyc3r1n3N1tr0glyc3r1n3Vor year
  • Whats your email i have some fan art!

    Bobby The GamerBobby The GamerVor year
  • Man you've gotten lazy.

    Michael PedersenMichael PedersenVor year
  • Hey dose anyone here know wherei can get a pirated version of mac os x panther (10.3)

    ryandontlikeyouryandontlikeyouVor year
  • You got any more of them? videos

    Attos LinsAttos LinsVor year
  • Why not use a newer computer for video editing

    Abdulaziz AlserhaniAbdulaziz AlserhaniVor year
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