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  • you should review ' alice madness returns ' its a cool game

    Yuuki AvlonYuuki AvlonVor 7 years
  • @hobocamptheater Nope, still no partnership. If you see ads, that's from the revenue sharing program, which is totally separate from partnering.

    LGRLGRVor 7 years
  • looks like someone got partnered (based on the adobe add in the corner)

    Whole in the WallWhole in the WallVor 7 years
  • Have you seen the Duke3D level in Minecraft someone made? watch?v=qnCW0g__-1A

    ZabeusZabeusVor 7 years
  • Great videos, especially the ones about pc games and hardware. I love it! Thanks a lot!

    Kristoffer TrolleKristoffer TrolleVor 7 years
  • @shinobizach89 I do not currently own any of those systems, sorry. I have a possible donation of an MSX2 coming soon, so if that works out I will certainly review it!

    LGRLGRVor 7 years
  • review the japanese pc88 and msx 1/2

    Zach SpoonamoreZach SpoonamoreVor 7 years
  • review DOOM MS-DOS...

    ArizVega GamerArizVega GamerVor 7 years
  • Oustanding personality, you've got yourself another subscriber! XD

    triken49triken49Vor 7 years
  • Keep being awesome.

    VanasonicVanasonicVor 7 years

    Ithinktomuch27Ithinktomuch27Vor 7 years
  • Nice reviewing about Jazz Jackrabbit. The BEST game ever!

    Jazz JackrabbitJazz JackrabbitVor 7 years
  • Hey, review 8-Bit Commando because I'm all out of bubble gum.

    commodore256commodore256Vor 7 years
  • If I could make one video request (I know you receive hundreds) I'd love to see a Space Quest video. Even if it's just Space Quest IV or a full history video, I'd be over the moon. You've got a great channel here. Despite a full subscription update screen, I automatically watch your updates first. Keep up the great work!

    Harmon1caHarmon1caVor 7 years
  • my God where is the sims medieval pirates and nobles review???? you need to do it!!!!!!!!

    Amin BehizadAmin BehizadVor 7 years
  • @BrianPicchi Looks cool to me, but I don't own any iOS devices so I can't try it out. I'm not totally sold on playing it with touch controls anyways, it sounds like a somewhat needless burden. I've had the 15th Anniversary game for years though, which is what it's based on, so I'm satisfied with that for now :)

    LGRLGRVor 7 years
  • Whatcha think of Out of this World 20th Anniversary edition?

    TanRu NomadTanRu NomadVor 7 years
  • Loving your vids, especially the sinclair spectrum stuff and other ancient hardware.

    ThePlethora1980ThePlethora1980Vor 7 years
  • Uhh, c'mon mate.. Just freakin' upload the Jazz Jackrabbit video already! :)

    P. PsilocinP. PsilocinVor 7 years
  • Ok, thanks a ton then, bah, I should have looked there first! Have a great sunday! :)

    Christian CChristian CVor 7 years
  • can you help me? i can not load a pc game to my cpu! it duz nothing win i put the disk in

    Slump Slime productionsSlump Slime productionsVor 7 years
  • Dude I wanna marry you lol! I love Nerds!!! :)

    cassieososassiecassieososassieVor 7 years
  • @phreakindee OK i really need your opinion on this - What Sims 3 expansion is better worth getting - Late Night or Generations?

    TheRealGirlruleyTheRealGirlruleyVor 7 years
  • You should try Mount & blade: Warband

    koz234koz234Vor 7 years
  • You should make a Half-life 2 review!! :)

    Gordon FreemanGordon FreemanVor 7 years
  • @Upiio21 Info on everything I use to record things should be covered in my FAQ video :)

    LGRLGRVor 7 years
  • I must drop a stupid question and ask what software you use to record on the PC, sorry, I am sure you have answered this before and I feel stupid for asking :/

    Christian CChristian CVor 7 years
  • Oct 18

    Life, Universe & everythingLife, Universe & everythingVor 7 years
  • You should review one of the worms games..PLEASE

    rectallyravagedrectallyravagedVor 7 years
  • Just dropped by to say hi ;) Oh and i love ur vids.

    Ithinktomuch27Ithinktomuch27Vor 7 years
  • You should totally do a Command & Conquer review. Even though you (may) lack the actual physical CD, box, and other fancy stuff (like a 10% coupon off a Westwood game that expired in 1998), the game is 100% abandonware and legal to download for free. EA once hosted it but they seem to suck now.. Just google "command & conquer, red alert, freeware) The second game, Red Alert, is also freeware.

    BanjoGateBanjoGateVor 7 years
  • You should do an Age Of Mythology review

    TheMalteseSpartanTheMalteseSpartanVor 7 years
  • @Morzall0055 In the video description...

    LGRLGRVor 7 years
  • Where could I find the music tracks in your Covox speech thing video?

    Morzall0055Morzall0055Vor 7 years
  • holy shit balls LLAMATRON!!!

    markhahnsmummarkhahnsmumVor 7 years
  • Would you please do a special review of all the non-crappy worlds that you can get for free off of the sims 3 site and MTS?

    tsimmer777tsimmer777Vor 7 years
  • when are you going to do a review of the sims medieval: pirates and nobles???

    Pow3rh0usePow3rh0useVor 7 years
  • @phreakindee Will you ever do a Sim City 4/Sim City 3000 Review?

    AwesomeGames1AwesomeGames1Vor 7 years
  • EA games should make a sims 3 school life that way you can have school fun like going to the mall with other sims as a teen

    ijl123456ijl123456Vor 7 years
  • @icrangirl I freaking loved G&G! One of my favorite edutainment games as well. In fact, I planned on reviewing it during my Edutainment Month a while back, but decided on some other games instead. I hope to review it and maybe some of the other Super Solvers games in the future.

    LGRLGRVor 7 years
  • One game that I would like to see you review is a game I played when I was kid called Gizmos & Gadgets. My favorite Edutainment game next to Oregon Trail.

    icrangirlicrangirlVor 7 years
  • Hey I love youre reviews they r awesome! I hope you will try tomb raider one day... If you see this I would like to hear a review from you about one of them, If you want challege try tomb raider 2,4 or anniversary if you want short but with cool action try tomb raider legend or underworld. and again...I WOULD REALY LIKE TO HEAR A REVIEW FROM YOU ABOUT A TOMB RAIDER GAME oops sorry for the Caps Lock :S

    I Don't Know What To Write HereI Don't Know What To Write HereVor 7 years
  • I never really had very many DOS games growing up nor did my schools so its extremely interesting to see a whole world of gaming that I seemed to have missed. Very freakin sweet videos man. You have gained a new subscriber today. Now I must continue raiding through your videos for new enlightenment of gamings past.

    icrangirlicrangirlVor 7 years
  • I love coming to this channel to learn about things I never got to enjoy! Love the Classic Gaming!

    Kyle BerchKyle BerchVor 7 years
  • To anyone who's curious, the Vaxeen4U song (my old theme music) can be heard in full here on DE-visions! songinstitute.ca/detail/video-Ueh9bNe4shI.html

    LGRLGRVor 7 years
  • @imgordonfreeman Not sure what you're asking, as there is no music in the intro to that review. The intro song I used for the longest time for LGR, however, is titled "Vaxeen 4U". The only other music in that review is from the game itself.

    LGRLGRVor 7 years
  • You got awesome taste man \m/ keep these vids up!

    AlphaOmegaSinAlphaOmegaSinVor 7 years
  • re 1.8, took me a while to adjust to the food thing but now i'm into it. the mineshafts are just crazy awesome though. you are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike...

    tuckus2003tuckus2003Vor 7 years
  • Moor Old Gamez ! ... wtf man

    MsDboyyMsDboyyVor 7 years
  • @TheSimonandKyleShow The Endermen are freaking creepy. And I love the new terrain generator! Mineshafts, flat deserts, swamps, canyons, rivers... really helps the game come alive even more than before. Not totally sold on the food-eating though, it's quite a change and I'm not so sure I like it. I'll get used to it, but it seems like it should be optional.

    LGRLGRVor 7 years