Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory
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  • not interested in Big Bang , because all the actors are flaming queer ass BUTT PHOQUED deviates

    rentatrip1rentatrip1Vor 6 Monate
  • Thank you!!

    Adriana Molano JimenezAdriana Molano JimenezVor 7 Monate
  • who wants to rpg?

    VampirediariesloverVampirediariesloverVor 11 Monate
  • When is it going to come back on.

    Kasin KeithKasin KeithVor year
  • when is it coming back on ?

    Daniel DohertyDaniel DohertyVor year
  • when will they come back on tv

    scott vscott vVor year
  • I heard that they will aired on April 4th 2018 ,has anyone eles hear anything ?

    Jim EstesJim EstesVor year
  • why not lets us fans know when season 6 will start

    Jim EstesJim EstesVor year
  • Looking for more recent videos. Will check back again. Trapper, keep getting better:) (I have a crush on Willy, but don't tell him, I think he's married and that would show disrespect) :D lol

    Tammy JonesTammy JonesVor year
  • when is season 6 coming out.

    scott vscott vVor year
    • im wondering the same thing

      Mindless RidesMindless RidesVor year
  • I also think your channel is realy awesome I also haven't missed an episode and im 11 and spooky but also crazy and fun to watch

    zack bennetzack bennetVor year
  • i dont see any pictures of any monsters... ya goofy hillbillies

    miester rhovanionmiester rhovanionVor year
  • i love yallss show its cool and exciting

    Colby CharanzaColby CharanzaVor year
  • ikr

    BennnBennnVor year
  • I think your channel and your show is awesome and proves bigfoot exist

    John HaynesJohn HaynesVor 2 years
  • when are yall gonna have new episodes I aint seen them In months

    John HaynesJohn HaynesVor 2 years
  • When are yall going to give hell to C-Quad again?

    Mr ArezzoMr ArezzoVor 2 years
  • when will mountain monster season 5 come out

    TheDragon 208642TheDragon 208642Vor 2 years
  • october wat????!!!

    Guahan GamerGuahan GamerVor 2 years
  • where are the vids

    Ronnie HobbsRonnie HobbsVor 2 years
  • witch one of the aims team members are putting these videos on?

    Fry 6Fry 6Vor 2 years
  • Is everything ok over there?

    devildog452devildog452Vor 2 years
  • havent missed an episode since season 1 episode 1

    ricky Krausricky KrausVor 2 years
  • me to i think your channel is rely rely awesome

    Typical Gamer fanTypical Gamer fanVor 2 years
  • hi guys i think ur channel is awesome and the show is super cool

    XZombie_SlayerXXZombie_SlayerXVor 2 years
Big Bang Theory