VISI’s sister organization ART SONG LAB presents their final concert on June 25 @ 2:00 pm at the Roundhouse Theatre in Yale Town.

With Queer Arts Festival and the Canadian Music Centre.

For tickets, please click here.

World premieres of 12 new art songs by poet/composer collaborations created during the Art Song Lab program.

This year, QAF presents a queer edition of the critically acclaimed Art Song Lab (ASL), in partnership with Art Song Lab, the Canadian Music Centre, VSO School of Music, CMC BC Creative Hub, and The Roundhouse. Curated by writer Ray Hsu, composer Michael Park and pianist Alison d’Amato, ASL is a week-long program exploring the collaborative process of poetry/music fusion, interpretation, and performance. Writers and composers are paired to create new art songs, then partnered with singer/pianist teams for an intensive program that includes workshops with distinguished composer Jeffrey Ryan and C.E. Gatchalian, intensive rehearsals, group discussions of the interpretive/collaborative process, the “Songsparks” series of interactive evening workshops at the CMC, culminating in the “SongLaunch” concert performance at QAF.

Michael ParkRay Hsu, and Alison d’Amato

Lynne McMurtry (mezzo) and Alison d’Amato (pianist)
William George (tenor) and Corey Hamm (pianist)
Catherine Laub (soprano) and Rachel Iwaasa (pianist)

Composers: Poets:
James Coomber Michel Beaudry
Roisin Adams Judith Neale
Zachary Kenefick L Matthews
Michael Park Sajia Sultana
Emily Joy Sullivan Eve MacGregor
Sammy Shatner Katherine Chan
dubravko pajalic Mark Bondyra
Glenn Sutherland Mary Aitken
Sandro Manzon Zoe Dagneault
Nebal Maysaud Jennifer Kwon Dobbs
Graham A. Smith Judith Penner
Jordan Key Karen Garry